33 Ways of Developing Khushoo’: Humility and Devotion in Prayer

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AUTHOR: Muhammad Salih Al-munajjid

Praise be to Allaah, Lord of the Worlds, Who has said in His book (interpretation of the meaning), “and stand before Allaah with obedience” [al-Baqarah 2:238] and has said concerning the prayer (interpretation of the meaning): “and truly it is extremely heavy and hard except for al-khaashi’oon” [al-Baqarah 2:45]; and peace and blessings be upon the leader of the pious, the chief of al-khaashi’oon, Muhammad the Messenger of Allaah, and on all his family and companions. Salaah is the greatest of the practical pillars of Islam, and khushoo’ in prayer is required by sharee’ah. When Iblees, the enemy of Allaah, vowed to mislead and tempt the sons of Adam and said “Then I will come to them from before them and behind them, from their right and from their left” [ al-A’raaf 7:17, interpretation of the meaning].


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