A Taste of Patience

৳ 1,000



by Mohamed Eid Al-Araimi

The writer is a survivor of an accident that altered his life. He is a man who managed to overcome adversity and transform bitterness into personal success, as his literary gains outweighed his physical restrictions. Where his physical condition limited his movements, his creative writing opened up a new horizon that enabled him to freely interact with his readers. This is a real-life account of how a human being can overcome obstacles, giving effect to the epithet: ‘What does not kill me makes me stronger.’ The autobiography defines patience in two ways: first, as a bitter experience, and then second, as the ability to tolerate and turn one’s misfortune into investment. The accident that the writer suffered has paralyzed his body, but at the same time, it has unleashed his writing talents. (Yousef el-Sharoni, Egypt)


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