Fast: According to the Quran and Sunnah

৳ 1,200


Written by: Prof. Muhammad Zulfiqar

Fast According to the Quran & Sunnah The Prophet صلی الله علیه وآلهِ وسلم said, “(ALLAH said), ‘every good deed of the son of Adam is for him except fasting; it is for Me. and I shall reward (the fasting person) for it.’ Verily, the smell of the mouth of a fasting person is better to Allah than the smell of musk.” [Bukhari] As the status of this act of worship is so high, that it is essential to learn the rulings pertaining to this month of fasting, so that the Muslims may know what is obligatory in order to do it. What is forbidden and thus avoid it, and what is permissible so that they do not unnecessarily subject themselves to any hardship by depriving themselves from it. This book consists of all the main issues of Fasting. The main objective of this work is to serve as an easy guide and authentic reference to the reader.


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