The Magnificence of the Quran

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Of all of the books in the entire world, there is only one that is free of errors and defects, and that Book is none other than the Noble Quran. The word ‘magnificent’ is a loose translation of the word that is used in the title of the original Arabic version of this book: ‘Adhama. ‘Adhama conveys many similar meanings, such as magnificence, grandeur, greatness, exaltedness, and splendor. In the times we live in, great masses of people are ignorant of the greatness and magnificence of the Noble Quran; hence the dire need of books that deal specifically with the subject-matter of this work.
The objective of this book is to reveal to readers certain aspects of Quran’s greatness and magnificence. This book shows readers that Allah (SWT) bestowed a great favor upon the Prophet (PBUH) and the people of his nation by giving them the best and most magnificent of all divinely revealed books. The author warns Muslims not to become heedless of the Noble Quran. For it is every Muslim’s duty not just to recite the Quran, but also to understand it, to reflect upon its meanings, and to implement its rulings and teachings. This book also corrects some of the more dangerous misconceptions that people have regarding the Noble Quran.


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