Winning the Hearts and Souls Ibn Katheer

৳ 2,000


Written by: Al Bidayah Wan Nihayah
Winning The Hearts & Souls : From Al – Bidayah wan – Nihayah Darussalam is proud to present the abridged English translation of the classic work: Al-Bidayah wan Nihayah, focusing exclusively on the delegations and expeditions undertaken in the lifetime of Prophet Muhammad صلّی الله علیهِ وآلهِ وسلم. This volume contains an account of the some of the most important expeditions and delegations that occurred in the lifetime and under the leadership of the Messenger of ALLAH. These events had a significant impact on the spread of the Islamic faith to all the corners of Arabia and beyond. Al-Bidayah wan Nihayah ( The Beginning and The End ) by the renowned scholar Abu Al-Fida ‘Imad ad-Deen Isma’eel bin ‘Umar ibn Katheer/Kathir, is considered one of the most authoritative sources on Islamic history


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